Why Zimbabwe?

Why Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe offers a significant first-mover opportunity for Kavango to pursue open-pittable metal discoveries.

Gold and other key elements in Zimbabwe are deposited in shear zones across 22 greenstone belts. These shear zones can run across the ground for many kilometres and at locations along their strike host narrow and wide areas of mineralization extending deep into the ground.


Zimbabwe’s greenstone belts have a long history of gold production across more than 4,000 registered historical high-grade underground mines. These enabled Zimbabwe to produce more gold than Australia right up to the early 1980s.


Historic mine workings within Zimbabwe’s shear zones typically exploited narrow, high-grade gold mineralisation.

These high-grade orebodies are often surrounded by “halos” of lower grade mineralisation, and have been the primary driver behind Western Australia’s bulk mining boom over the last few decades.

Australia vs Zimbabwe Gold Production 1982 - 2021

Australia vs Zimbabwe Gold Production 1982 - 2021

However, the potential for lower-grade halos surrounding area of high-grade gold mineralisation has been largely unexploited in Zimbabwe to date for a number of reasons:

  • Small ground holdings held by multiple owners
  • Lack of technical expertise
  • Lack of investment capital

Kavango is consolidating claims into strategic size packages covering potentially large orebodies. It is then using its capital and expertise to explore their bulk mining potential with a view to establishing producing, open-pit gold mines.


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