Kalahari Suture Zone


Kavango’s main focus is in the southwest of Botswana is the 450 x 50km magnetic anomaly known as the Kalahari Suture Zone (KSZ).

Analysis of previously drilled core suggests that the magnetic anomaly is due to mafic intrusions, many of which are considered to be feeder zones to the vast basalt lava flows which once covered much of southern Africa. These intrusions display distinct similarities to the feeder zones that host the giant Norilsk deposits in Siberia. Some of the deposits are at surface. The project area covers about two thirds of the KSZ as well as unexplained magnetic anomalies on its eastern flank.

A helicopter-borne electromagnetic survey covering 2,000 line-kms over the northern part of the KSZ near the small town of Hukuntsi was completed in September 2018 and 26 conductive zone anomalies were identified. Some of these coincided with geochemical anomalies identified previously by Kavango. These anomalies will be investigated on the ground. Results will be announced as they become available.


Southwest Botswana on the border with Namibia and South Africa - areas marked in red are existing PL’s; areas marked in blue are PL’s acquired in October 2018.

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