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13 Priority Target Areas in the KCB


  • Redox Horizon on the southern limb of the Acacia anticline Acacia Fold nose
  • Possible prospective lithology repetition, domes, as seen on mines elsewhere on KCB
  • Possible structural repetition: Thrusting or folding
  • Major soil sampling program completed, has identified 4 geochemical anomalies of +10ppm Cu (peak value of 110ppm Cu) – Acacia (c.2.5km x 3km), Morula (c.3km x 3km), Happy (c.9km x 1km) & Kudu (c.18km non-continuous strike)
  • To be followed by RC drill program



  • Located in NE heart of the KCB
  • Kanye 90% earn-in with local company
  • AEM suggests licence area is analogous to the Banana Zone deposit
  • Soil sampling completed August 2022 and identified 2 geochemical anomalies of +30ppm Cu:
    • Northern Zone 8km strike (peak value of 39.7ppm Cu)
    • Central Zone 27km strike (peak value of 118.8ppm Cu)
    • Drill ready


Mamuno (PL49/2020 and PL52/2020)

  • These four licences form a large contiguous block strategically located on the KCB, adjacent to border
  • Mineralisation known on both sides of border
  • Minimal previous exploration & lack of regional AEM data, creating the opportunity for a new discovery
  • Kanye has newly identified a large 5km x 3.5km +30ppm Cu anomaly (peak value 73ppm Cu)
  • D’kar/Ngwako Pan contact located by Kanye, soil sampling values align closely with this