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CEO, Ben Turney and COO, Brett Grist discuss everything we're doing across our portfolio in Botswana.
11/05/22 Share Talk Ben Turney Ben Turney, chief executive of Kavango Resources updates Bonnie Hughes on the latest from the exploration firm’s Botswana-focused portfolio
05/05/22 Brand and Novus Communications Ben Turney CEO, Ben Turney and COO, Brett Grist discuss everything we're doing across our portfolio in Botswana
02/05/22 StockBox Ben Turney Underneath the Kalahari Sands w/ Ben Turney CEO of Kavango Resources
28/04/22 StockBox Ben Turney StockBox Premiere with Kavango Resources
29/03/22 StockBox Ben Turney Drilling to Begin At Ditau Targeting REE & Base Metals
28/02/22 StockBox Ben Turney Special Feature - Kavango Resources KSZ B1 Conductor Target
28/02/22 StockBox Ben Turney "The Best Exploration Lead we've had in the KSZ"
26/01/22 Shares Magazine Ben Turney Shares Spotlight Investor Evening with Ben Turney
24/01/22 The Mining Podcast Ben Turney Exploring the Virgin Territory of Botswana Using Remote Sensing Technology with Ben Turney
24/01/22 StockBox Ben Turney Special Feature - Kavango Resources - KSZ Great Red Spot Anomaly
21/01/22 Proactive Investors Ben Turney Kavango Resources identify strong gravity anomaly at Great Red Spot target at Kalahari Suture Zone
21/01/22 StockBox Ben Turney Kavango Resources CEO on the first drill hole at the company’s KSZ project
11/01/22 StockBox Ben Turney CEO Ben Turney and Exploration Manager John Lauderdale tell us about their plans for the company in the coming year
23/12/21 Share Talk Ben Turney Interview & Company Update
25/11/21 Proactive Investors Ben Turney Proactive ONE2ONE Virtual Investor Forum
01/11/21 StockBox Ben Turney Special feature on the KSZ Downhole EM
28/10/21 StockBox Ben Turney The awarding of an EMP at the KCB and provides a Ditau update
04/10/21 Ben Turney Live Q&A on Twitter Spaces
30/09/21 Brand Communications Ben Turney Interview with Ben Turney and Jeremy Brett
24/09/21 StockBox Ben Turney Appointment of senior personnel and new 3D modelling of the KSZ ahead of drilling
24/09/21 First Equity Ben Turney Overview of KAV and scale of opportunity in Botswana
20/09/21 Proactive Investors Ben Turney Renewal of Kavango’s two prospecting licences for the LVR project in the KCB in Botswana
15/09/21 StockBox Ben Turney Update on drilling in the KSZ
23/08/21 StockBox Ben Turney Update on hole TA2DD022, which was drilling
21/07/21 StockBox Ben Turney Kavango’s aim to be the first co to retrieve drill core from the bottom of the 'keel' of the Karoo-age gabbros in the KSZ
18/07/21 Crux Investors Ben Turney Company overview and update on current drilling campaigns
09/07/21 Proactive Investors Ben Turney Mining Capital 'Kavango is one of the biggest opportunities you could possibly imagine'
05/07/21 StockBox Ben Turney Exploration, expansion drilling programme in the KSZ and financing
05/07/21 Proactive Investors Ben Turney About expanded drilling and capital raise for KSZ programme
28/06/21 StockBox Ben Turney Presentation overview at both the KSZ & KCB ahead of the imminent drill programmes
25/06/21 Oliver Friesen Delivers update on recent exploration results at South Ghanzi
24/06/21 Proactive Investors Ben Turney New CEO Ben Turney presents his plans as the firm continue 'motoring forwards'
22/06/21 Shares Magazine Ben Turney The scale of opportunity at KSZ
22/06/21 Brand Communications Ben Turney Rationale behind being appointed Chief Executive Office and updates on the Kavango portfolio
10/06/21 StockBox Ben Turney The drilling of two proof of concept geological holes in the northern Hukuntsi section of KSZ
10/06/21 Proactive Investors Ben Turney The acceleration of firm’s plans at northern section of the KSZ
03/06/21 StockBox Ben Turney Update on the extensive copper/silver targets identified on the LVR JV licences
19/05/21 Vox Markets Ben Turney Investor Q&A webinar
14/05/21 Proactive Investors Ben Turney The scale of opportunity at Ghanzi South after finding several mineralised systems
17/03/21 StockBox Ben Turney AEM survey results from the KCB JV
01/03/21 Shares Magazine Ben Turney Comprehensive overview of the Kalahari Suture Zone at the recent
05/02/21 StockBox Ben Turney Appointment to the BOD and the roadmap ahead for the Kavango project portfolio
15/02/21 Total Market Solutions Ben Turney Kavango’s potential
12/01/21 StockBox Ben Turney Appointment to the BOD and the roadmap ahead for Kavango
10/12/20 StockBox Mike Moles Explains in detail why he thinks the Company potentially has a Norilsk style deposit in Botswanna
13/11/20 Total Market Solutions Mike Moles Explains that the board are so confident about the KSZ project potential that they are not drawing a salary
10/11/20 StockBox Mike Moles Kavango’s plans for the KSZ now that the Company has conditionally raised £2M
11/09/20 Proactive Investors Alastair Ford Kavango's Kalahari Suture Zone shares 'striking' geological similarities to giant Norilsk nickel project in Russia
11/09/20 StockBox Mike Moles Recent 3D modelling for the Kalahari Suture Zone and the remarkable similarities between the #KSZ and the Norilsk mine
12/08/20 Total Market Solutions Mike Moles The developing story for Kavango Resources in the Kalahari
07/07/20 Total Market Solutions Mike Moles Explanation on why Kavango think with the Kalahari Suture Zone, they have something similar to the "Largest mine in the world" the Norilsk Mine in Russia
12/06/20 Total Market Solutions Mike Moles Proactive Investors Mike Moles Appointment of specialist geological modelling firm, Mira Geoscience, to help select drill targets at the Kalahari Suture Zone
19/05/20 Share Talk Mike Moles Kavango Resources (KAV.L) Michael Foster, Chief Executive & Mike Moles, Non-Executive Director Interview