More detail on Ditau and plans going forward

I’m on the ground in Africa as I write this.

And reception isn’t great where I am at the moment.

But, before I left, I was able to jump on a call with Mark Fairbairn at Stock Box to give some more detail on Ditau. If you’ve not heard our conversation yet, I thought you might find it useful.

You should be able to link to listen to it here

After a few days in Johannesburg, where I’ve been for several very fruitful meetings, I’m heading north now with Peter Wynter Bee to explore some further project leads we have to help us achieve our strategic plan.

We’re still doing due diligence on those so I can’t go into much more detail—but plans are progressing and I’m confident our strategy is the right one.

Indeed, a large part of the Kavango team is out here in Africa right now on various missions to advance work across all our projects.

Brett was in Ditau following up on the great news that we could be zoning in on what we hope could well become a discovery…

Peter and I are then meeting up with Brett and Hilary Gumbo to complete our final due diligence.

Across the board, things are moving forward very nicely and as soon as I’m back in London next week, I look forward to updating you further.

In the meantime, though, do take a moment to have a listen to my interview with Mark, as I go into more detail about the next steps for Ditau and how we’re continuing to progress at the KSZ and KCB.

Here’s the link.

Before I do sign off, I know I say it often, but it’s worth saying again…

Every time I’m here in Africa, wherever I am, I’m once again reminded how beautiful and vibrant a place it is. This is enormous potential to build something special.

It really is a privilege to be able to do the work we do here.