Braving the bigger picture: an investor's eternal challenge

Whether you’re deeply concerned with what’s happening in the UK economy right now…

Or if perhaps you’re a bit more relaxed, having seen such moves play out before...

With the sheer media focus on what’s happening, it’s impossible to not have at least some reservations about the future.

How will Mr Market take it all?

Well, he’ll take it in his stride. He always does. Highs and lows. Inflation and deflation. High taxes and low taxes. Mr Market continues his merry way regardless.

That’s not to minimise the situation. Or to overlook the fact that when the market moves against you (sometimes despite making the right call), it can be utterly frustrating, demoralising, and financially troubling.


It’s at times like this, when there is such a high level of hysteria around the markets, that I think it’s more important than ever for investors—and I count myself in that number—to remember the fundamentals, to see the bigger picture, the reason they invest in the first place.

Take what we’re doing with Kavango.

We’re a business focused on exploration in Botswana.

We hope to find a variety of valuable resources in the ground, resources that are fundamental not just to the UK economy, but the global economy.

Yes, seeing the markets worried… seeing the pound crash… seeing the media whip up a panic…these things impact us as a company. And it’s necessary for us to figure out ways to overcome the short-term fluctuations. Thankfully we’re well positioned and have a strong plan, which we’ve worked hard to put into action.

But still, there is a tendency for this noise to distract from the bigger picture.

A wave is building

Where seeing the bigger picture is concerned, let me give you an example of what I mean.

Just this week I was listening to a program on Radio 4 talking about the need for rare earth metals.

Radio 4.

It’s not quite Radio 1, or the One Show, but it doesn’t get much more mainstream than that.

The fact this is being discussed on such platforms tells us something.

And this is on the back of an increasing number of articles, comment pieces and features across the financial media exploring how important rare earths are to the future of the planet.

In fact, you may have seen…

The now Chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng, before getting his hands on the purse itself, launched, as Business Secretary, an entire policy to support UK companies in the exploration for rare earths.

There is a wave building here.

The demand for copper, for nickel, for all manner of rare earth metals is growing. It’s becoming known. It’s becoming unavoidable.

Green energy. British industry. Electric Vehicles. These are issues that all rely, ultimately, on companies like us doing what we do.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not just Kavango who I think will benefit from this. Others will too.

But it’s important, I think, to remember these issues… how we source energy… how a country grows its economy… how we power the cars we drive… these are truly fundamental. They are not going away.

When I see hysteria plastered across the front pages...

When I see investors panicked...

When I see Mr Market taking a hit…

I remind myself that as an investor--and indeed, as the CEO of a company like Kavango--my focus should always be on the bigger picture, on the fundamentals.

It’s not easy. It’s the eternal challenge for any investor, for any CEO... to see past the noise, to continue according to plan when it seems everyone else is throwing away plans left, right and centre.

But we steel ourselves regardless.

We remind ourselves of why we invest, why we believe in what we’re doing… and the answer so often reminds us that yes, we are on the right path, and we’re heading in the right direction.