Additions to the Kavango team bring to light even more portfolio opportunities

As I pointed out in the last edition of Boots on the Ground...
We’re coming into 2023 in a strong position.
But that doesn’t mean we’re sitting on our laurels.
Far from it.
True success, I believe, comes from continuous improvement. It’s important to always be looking for ways, however marginal, to progress, to find a smarter, more efficient, more ambitious way to do things.
It’s why, here at Kavango, we continue to review and assess what we’re doing to make sure we’re doing it in the best way we can. We continually seek to enhance our approach, both technically and strategically.
One such improvement we’ve made recently started a few months ago.
While I was in Botswana towards the end of last summer, I met Dave Catterall.
Dave is well-known, with more than 30 years’ experience in the industry, and there isn’t much he doesn’t know about the Kalahari Copper Belt.
It’s why, after some enlightening discussions with him, I asked him to help us better understand what we had in the KCB. Since then, he’s been working with us to help us assess our portfolio and advise on how we should approach the land we’re prospecting. He’s formed an especially productive working relationship with Jeremy.
One of the potential areas Dave has helped us highlight as one that might offer much greater opportunity than we realised is covered by our licences near the Namibian border.
A potentially positive crossover 
ENRG Elements (ASX:EEL) recently completed some airborne electromagnetic surveys of West Ghanzi and announced it has identified “multiple high priority exploratory drill targets” in the area.
You can read the full announcement here.
It sounds like good news for ENRG…but it could be great news for us too.
Because structures in the area that company has surveyed extend into ground covered by our own licences.
It’s one of the reasons Dave has recommended we take a closer look at our licences near the border as a priority. He’s recently been on the ground in Botswana, working with our team to explore further the potential here in our portfolio.
Don’t get me wrong, our most immediate priority continues to be the drilling we’ve restarted at PL082. What we find there could have a huge impact itself.
But by actively working with people like Dave to review, assess, and maximise the potential of our full portfolio in Botswana, I believe it’s more evidence of our determination to find the greatest success we can.
Indeed, another step we’ve just taken to keep pushing things forward is engaging another extremely experienced technical geologist, Steve Smith.
Ex-Anglo man focuses on the technical 
Steve is a very experienced South African geologist and has been a good friend and guide ever since I joined Kavango.
An ex-Anglo-American man, he has experience of working in Tanzania, Namibia and Zimbabwe. I’ve personally known Steve for several years. I particularly admire his work and approach to exploration.
Given his experience, in December I asked him to look at what we’re doing in Botswana from a technical point of view with a mind to maximise our potential across all of our licences.
Steve’s already provided a very interesting report internally, prompting me to ask him to head up a new technical advisory group that is now carrying out a full review into our operations with a view to updating the market in due course.
Working with Dave and Steve will, I believe, help us to continue improving our approach in Botswana and make sure we maximise the enormous opportunities we have here across all our projects.
Laying out our strategy for 2023 
To formalise all of this—and to make sure we continue to communicate in a clear and open way with all our shareholders and partners—we are in the process of finalising a forward-looking strategy that will outline the five key pillars of our approach for 2023.
We’ll be updating the market on that very shortly, and in my next edition of Boots on the Ground I’ll dig deeper into each element of the strategy to give you even more insight into what we have planned for this year.
But the bottom line is simple…
We are in a strong position. We are determined to keep improving. And we will do everything we can to make sure we achieve our primary goal of making metal discoveries.
Of course, in the meantime, if you have any questions about our plans, or what we’re doing across our various projects, my inbox is always open.
You can email your questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I’ll look to cover any issues you raise in a future edition of Boots on the Ground.