Company Policies


The Company has adopted an Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy which applies to the Directors and all employees of the Company. The Board believes that the Group, through its internal controls, has appropriate procedures in place to reduce the risk of bribery and that all employees, agents, consultants and associated persons are made fully aware of the Group’s policies and procedures with respect to ethical behaviour, business conduct and transparency.


Kavango aims to minimise potential negative social impacts while promoting opportunities and benefits for host communities.

The Company is committed to continually improving community development and community investment programmes through monitoring, measuring and managing our social and economic impacts; placing local people at the centre of development by helping to build their capacity to control their own development; develop programmes pro-actively that will ensure the sustainable welfare of communities in the event of a potential downscaling; upholding and promoting the human rights of our employees and contractors, our suppliers, and the communities in which we operate; recognise and respect indigenous people's culture, heritage and traditional rights and support the identification, recording, management and protection of indigenous cultural heritage; and manage the risk of public health threats amongst employees and local communities through community programmes, awareness, education and care.


Kavango Minerals makes a conscious effort to identify and mitigate all critical environmental issues with input from relevant stakeholders during its prospecting operations. If the exploration phase is successful in identifying a significant resource, a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment will be undertaken as part of project feasibility study.

Kavango Minerals and its employees and subcontractor employees are responsible for fully complying with all local and international health and safety standards and regulations. The company is responsible for providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for all persons engaged on all company sites. Management provides active leadership and support for occupational, health, safety, fire protection and loss contro


 The policy objectives are achieved by:

  • Meaningful involvement and participation of all employees
  • Providing safe and appropriate equipment and working conditions
  • The right of an employee to refuse to perform dangerous or unsafe work
  • Training employees to carry out their work safely
  • Investigating the causes of accidents and incidents and applying effective and immediate preventive and remedial action
  • Promoting the Health and Safety Policy as a way of life in all aspects at the work place and local community
  • Encourage all personnel to be responsible for their own safety by complying with legislative, company and industry standards
  • Integrating EHS considerations into all activities
  • Preventing identifiable hazards to eliminate work related injury, illness and environmental impact
  • Systematically identifying health, safety and environmental issues and managing them
  • Commitment to protecting the environment

Measures in place include:

  • Provision of medical aid, first aid kits and equipment against adverse conditions
  • Minimizing environmental footprint during our exploration activities and rehabilitation
  • Careful rubbish disposal
  • Prevention of bushfires
  • No night driving
  • Minimal field access clearing
  • Drill site rehabilitation and drill hole protection
  • Very strict vehicle maintenance for safe transportation

Our commitment is Safety First


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